One year Engagementiversary

I meant to write about this yesterday...on our one year engagementiversary...but I failed to take the time to do so.

It was one year ago when I just knew a proposal would be coming at any time. We had talked about wedding dates already and I picked up on clues that Pete had gone ring shopping when he told me that he and Dave were going to REI in Seattle to go shopping on a Saturday. I had also picked up on clues that Pete had already talked to my dad. So I was just waiting...and I started planning.

My mom and I went dress shopping (before I was engaged - she obviously knew it was going to come any day or I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted to go without a ring on my finger). I had already found 2 dresses online that I thought were beautiful, but I had no idea what kind of price tag they would hold. The dress I really liked I also wasn't sure would be flattering on I really wanted to find it to try it on. I printed out pictures of these two dresses and we went to a bridal boutique in Bellevue that was one of only a couple in the area that carried that brand. I showed the gal the pictures and they had both of the dresses in store! Since everyone says to try on a million dresses, I pulled a bunch out in various styles to try on (even though I didn't like many of them on the hangers) and they all were added to the pile in the dressing room. I tried on dress after dress...and then it finally came down to my final two (the ones in the pictures). I tried on the first...I liked it. Last but not least, I tried on my favorite of the two and upon walking out to show my mom and Kim...they said something like "that's the one". I went back and forth between the last two dresses, but ultimately decided on the one I had wanted from the pictures - that dress also happened to be the least expensive one I'd tried on! Totally amazing since I usually pick the most expensive thing (before looking at price tags).

On top of that, if we were to order a dress it would take 3-4 months before getting it...then alterations, etc... and we knew we didn't want to wait long to get married. The store had a sale going on... my memory is failing me now, but it was something like 20% off if you bought a dress off the rack, plus a free veil if you bought it on your first visit. So we went on a hunt for the veil....and went home with a dress all before I was engaged!