Trip to Italy: The Last Days

We headed up to the bakery in the morning and stopped by the park on the way back.

We stopped by the market and grabbed some food to grub on down by the water.

I should mention that the weather was incredible the entire time we were in Italy. It was in the high 70's almost everywhere (more like the 80's in Rome). I thought about swimming on this day...

I didn't end up swimming...because it just didn't seem like that much fun to go by myself. But I did soak up the sun and enjoy our mini meal.

Hailey and I played in the water...and then this old guy was hollering at me...and speaking german I think. I had no idea what he was saying, but I finally figured out that he wanted to take a picture of Hailey and me. It was strange, but I stood there in the water and smiled for him and he took a couple pics. I'm not sure if he thought I was someone else or if he just thought we were cute out there playing in the water. It was just kind of funny and random - I wished I could have understood him to know what he was thinking...

We were out there all day. It was so relaxing (just what we had in mind for the last leg of our trip).

This picture of Pete and Hailey is one of my favorite pictures from our trip. Love it.

We ended the night with some gelato. The following morning we were heading to Milan...goodbye Cinque Terre!


So....we woke up, gathered our things and headed to the train station. It was another beautiful day.

Hailey charmed all the people on the train and even got her own seat for a portion of the trip. We arrived in Milan and it was FREEZING!!! We were feeling a bit blessed to have had such warm weather everywhere we went because it seemed a cold front was making its way into Italy as we were departing.

I saw McDonalds (in the shopping district) and somehow convinced Pete that we should eat there. I enjoyed the fries and I might have even had a coke (if you will remember, I don't usually drink soda, but had strong cravings for Coke while in Italy and so indulged a few times).

We did some shopping and also visited the cathedral. Our flight didn't leave until 6am the following morning, so we spent the day walking around seeing the city and of course did some window-shopping. We didn't have reservations anywhere that night and we decided to head to the airport to see what was around there in the way of hotels. It was about an hour bus ride to the airport and we soon realized that there wasn't much of anything around the airport (the guidebook didn't list any hotels near the airport either). The airport seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. We had to be at the airport early the next morning, and had found that the only way to get there from Milan would be to take a taxi since the bus and trains didn't run that early. At 70euros for a taxi from Milan to the airport, we decided we would take the bus the day before and just sort of spend the night in the airport (budget traveling I tell you!).

By the time we got to the airport all the ticket booths were closed and we were unable to go through security to get to the lounge areas as we had hoped. was either take refuge under really bright lights in the main ticketing area on the few seats there, or find another option. We found a cove of sorts. It was the best option around that we found.

We made Hailey a little bed on the floor, put her in her pj's and got her to sleep. We took turns laying next to her in an effort to get any sleep ourselves. Pete and I didn't really sleep much at all.

Our little girl was ready to go in the morning! It was a long day....long long day of flying...but we managed and arrived home safe and sound. :)


HOORAY! I did it! This concludes my Italy 2009 trip report.