Tattoos - how the heck do you do this?

Ever since my grandmother passed away, I've wanted to get a tattoo to remind me of her. I could never figure out the design, as I'm not an artist. I also never quite knew where I would get said tattoo... So here I am years later, thinking on this tattoo idea once again. 

My grandmother was strong, and I liked that. She had both of her feet amputated and was confined to a wheelchair for many years. You would think this would limit her a bit, but she did many things that seemed impressive to me. She was oh so strong (and stubborn too)! 

I lived with my grandmother for a while when I was between other living arrangements in my early 20's. I would come home from work and discover that my grandma had rearranged the entire living room. The first time this happened, I asked, "did the neighbor guys come over and move things for you?" she gave me a funny look, and then showed me how she had rolled, locked her wheels, and pushed her furniture with all her might to get it moved where she wanted. She didn't need any help...

Other days I'd come home to find her on the ground next to her wheelchair, working in her yard. She was strong, that lady. Pulling weeds and planting bulbs - things she enjoyed, she wasn't going to let a chair confine or define her. It was just an obstacle to work with. 

So anyway, one recent day, my husband randomly told me, "I think you'd look hot with a shoulder tattoo." I about fell over with excitement. (Meanwhile, my mom probably just fell over from shock at learning this news)

Location has been decided - DONE! Now to find an artist who can take several of my ideas of inspiration and tie them into one awesome tattoo!