I feel overwhelmed by how much I need to get done and how little time I seem to have to work on things such as taxes.

Doing taxes is usually pretty simple for me and I get them done early. Well, this year we have a rental property to deal with...and that means I've had to dig through bank statements, settlement statements and bill payments to report accurately on our rental property. Combine this with getting married last year, moving houses (Pete moved 3 times last year!) and combining bank accounts...and my search has been less than pleasant. We're getting down to the wire now and I still have several areas on the rental portion that I am stuck on - mostly due to not being able to locate all the records (we still have boxes of paperwork in the office that are not unpacked). I'm using turbo tax which is great - but I'm still suffering through as I try to figure out how much money we paid out to utilities on the rental house, etc.

I guess the up side of this is that now I know what a pain it is to not have my paperwork in order and I will attempt to create a better filing system for this current year.