As Thanksgiving is nearing, I thought I too should join in the blogging world of thankfulness. ;)

I have so much to be thankful for, here's a few for today listed in no particular order....

1. my wonderful husband. No matter what we're doing - if I'm happy or sad he manages to make me laugh. I love that about him (though sometimes it irritates me that he can make me laugh when I'm trying to be in a bad mood).

2. my great family. They are always willing to help out. I'm blessed to have such a big extended family and I look forward to our holidays together.

3. our cats Willy Rumples and Sir Wesley. They are the sweetest cats. They are independent enough to not worry about them, but cuddly enough to appreciate.

4. our house. I love waking up each morning and seeing nothing but nature outside all of our windows. Gazing out at all the trees and hearing the birds singing makes any gray day much brighter.

5. babies. I'm so thankful for the health of the babies being born of late.

6. work. Even though it's work, it's nice to have an income to support ourselves.

7. craigslist. Easy way to get rid of junk and fun way to find new junk to fill the house!