Thanksgiving weekend in review

Hailey made some noise while sitting on the kitchen floor waiting for mommy to finish making food to take to our Thanksgiving meal.

We enjoyed a lovely meal at Grandma and Grandpa Sandahl's house.
Then we went to my parent's house to see some of my cousins and an uncle who I hadn't seen in years.We got there just in time for dessert and I had my favorite - apple pie. I think Pete ate about 4 or 5 desserts in total on Thanksgiving...

On Friday we headed downtown to check into our room at the Westin for an overnight holiday stay (thanks for the really low price!).

We walked out of our room and into the westlake area just in time for the tree lighting ceremony - so we stayed for all the singing and lighting. :)

After the ceremony we headed to Pacific Place to eat dinner. We did some window shopping while we waited for a table at Mexico.

The stroller came in handy. I had been afraid it would be more of a hassle than it was worth, but it worked out to be a great way to carry our bags and Hailey was very happy to sit and watch all the people pass by.

After dinner we took advantage of Hailey sleeping and did some much needed clothes shopping for Pete at Old Navy.
Every garbage can we passed looked like this...Starbucks anyone?
We got back to our room late and tried to put Hailey to sleep in the hotel provided crib. It didn't go so well. It seemed that her *nap* had provided her with enough juice to stay away and be crazy for a while. We kept trying to get her to go to sleep...but she wasn't having it. She was all smiles and giggles and crazy talk. Finally at about midnight....she went to sleep. Only to be back up at 3am to nurse.
In the morning I brought Hailey to our bed and let her scoot all around between Pete and I while we tried to sneak a few more minutes of sleep (ya right). She scooted and scooted for several minutes and finally got her butt right in my face (literally almost ON my face) and farted the most crisp loud farts ever. Pete and I died laughing at that point. It was so ridiculous!!
We went on to Pike Place and did more window shopping. Before we went home we stopped by the carousel to let Hailey take a much enjoyed ride on one of the big horses.
On Sunday Pete went outside to start working on the leaf clean up (a not so fun project) and I joined in the yard work and pulled a ton of dead ferns from various places to clean up the look. 
  My brother Jason came by and we headed out to Enchanted Winds to pick out our Christmas tree.

Hailey found a tree she liked, but her lack of sawing skills proved to be an issue, and we left the tree where we found it. 

We found our tree and headed in to pay and to pick out our 2009 ornament. Hailey loved the candy garland that was hanging on the tree in the big red sales barn. Thankfully it was plastic and she didn't get a mouthful of sugar when she shoved it in her mouth in an attempt to sneak her first candy.
All in all, it was a great weekend.