The Birthday

Charlotte's 1st birthday was Thursday, the 22nd. I made a really yummy breakfast of fancy eggs (scrambled with basil, peppers, and cheese), pancakes, and turkey bacon. Charlotte loved all of it! We enjoyed our time eating together as a family on a weekday morning.

I had been debating skipping Hailey's preschool for the day so we could take Charlotte to the zoo or something (naughty me), but since Charlotte normally naps for about 2 hours during Hailey's class time, I figured it would be wise to stick to our schedule. We were about 20 minutes late due to our big breakfast (or maybe it was 30 minutes...?) but Tessa was glad Hailey showed up (Ella is in Germany visiting her grandparents so it was just Tessa and Hailey this time).
I've never really dressed the girls in matching outfits, but I happened to find these polka dot outfits on the clearance rack at Baby Gap and couldn't pass them up. They looked so cute together! Hailey was super excited that the playdoh was still out, she got right to work...and Charlotte (as always) tried to join in.

When Charlotte and I got home she went right down for a nap and I got started on the crockpot BBQ chicken I had planned to make (I'm loving my menu plans from!). When she woke up we ate lunch and then headed out to get Hailey. The girls and I played in the afternoon (after naps) and then the Myron 5 came over for a birthday dinner.

It was getting late, so we headed downstairs to have Charlotte open her gifts from mommy, daddy and Hailey. She got a "How I Got My Name" book that was customized for her (I thought it would be nice since it took us 3 weeks to figure out her name after she was born) and she got a doll (Hailey also got a doll on her 1st birthday from the same person off Etsy). Charlotte LOVED her doll, she pulled it out of the box and hugged her so tight! She loves dolls.
On Saturday we had a big birthday party for Charlotte. I had hoped the weather would be nice, and thankfully it cooperated (it would have been an uncomfortably packed house otherwise)!

The week prior, Pete had decided that our family would go out to breakfast (I LOVE going to breakfast!) on the morning of the party so we didn't create a big breakfast mess in our kitchen (I'm good at that). It was a really nice way to start the day and Pete had found a buy one get one free coupon for a nearby restaurant in our monthly mailer, so we were excited about that (nice work Pete).

I had ordered a gluten free cake and cupcake from a bakery in Kirkland (call me crazy!). I made a 'healthy' cake and cupcakes for Hailey's 1st birthday and it was a total disaster (let's just say I should have tested the recipes before serving the things at a party!). So...this time, I wanted to make sure that our guests would get to enjoy the cake and also, I'll be honest here...I didn't want to mess around with gluten free baking when I had so much else to do. So anyway, Pete and Hailey headed off to Kirkland to pick up the cake while Charlotte napped and I got the rest of the party prep underway.

I had a silly idea to make a birthday banner for Charlotte, so on the night before her birthday, Pete and I slaved away. It was nice to actually get it hung up and see it in all its glory (I might have almost died falling from the ladder, but hey...I did it all by myself!). I know that some people have awesome machines that cut their paper for them....but us? Well, we stayed up late a couple nights in a row - cutting out letters! I WILL use the banner at more than just this party, so I think it was worth it. ;) I also learned how to make tissue paper pom poms and though my pom poms weren't perfect, I thought they were a fun touch (yes, I'm patting myself on the back!).

So..........back to the day of the party. And the special cupcake. Pete got home with said bakery items, and I was a little annoyed that my "special 1st birthday, birthday girl cupcake" looked like something I whipped up at 1am (the pink frosting wasn't even consistent - like it wasn't mixed well). I mean, I paid $2.90 (plus tax) for the thing!!!

I don't usually call and complain, but I was a little disappointed in the lack luster of the 'special' cupcake...I've had cupcakes from cupcake shops, and this was a lazy attempt. So I called to tell them I wasn't totally satisfied. And then they put the "designer" of our cupcake on the phone. (((Where's my hole? I really wanted to crawl into my hole at this point!))) I got to tell the designer that I wasn't very happy with the results and I actually told her that it looks like something I whipped up at the last minute (eek! but it did!!!) ...she offered to make a new one for us to pick up before the party ( it was about an hour before the party). Um.....yeah, we're NOT close to that wasn't an option. And well, nothing really came of it. She was supposed to call me back, after talking with the owner, to possibly offer me for a dozen free cupcakes for future use, but I haven't heard back (I guess there's still time). It wasn't really *that* big of a deal, I just felt ripped off since I'd seen what was in their display case for the same price and the cupcake we got was total lack luster in comparison. They even had one of the invitations to 'match' (as they had requested) but still failed to make it coordinate. I mean, they're the designers, right? Do something cool - make it fancy! Oh well. It was just a cupcake.

When it came time for Charlotte to blow out her candle she just stared and stared at it (that's our inquisitive little girl!).

Hailey blew out the candle for her and then after some prodding, Charlotte finally stuck her finger to the frosting and eventually tasted it (it was slow going). She was NOT impressed.

As a matter of fact, she didn't want any more and tried to get away from her cupcake! 
Pete stuck some in her mouth and she was totally disgusted! She didn't want to have anything to do with it. Maybe she, too, was disappointed in the appearance of her special cupcake?
We tried to get her to eat it, and even Hailey took a bite out of it in an effort to show her that it was okay to eat....but it didn't work. 
I brought out a fork, wondering if that's what she had been waiting for...but she just poked at her cupcake with a look of terror on her face. Her cousin Ella tried to feed her, but it didn't work. She just didn't want it.

The party went on and everyone else enjoyed the cake - some even swiped 2nds (it was a really good gluten free cake - vanilla with raspberry filling).

It was time for gifts and Charlotte found a laughing pill taped to a box and wandered off with it (thanks Bickel family!). She was content to wander around squeezing that thing for the rest of the day (and all day today). She just giggled and giggled with it. :)

She got some awesome books, toys and clothes - and all of the kids enjoyed doing a quality assurance test with the toys. Kid tested, mother approved!

Charlotte was finally ready for a nap so I took her wings off, laid her down...and she was out! The party continued and I think (hope) everyone had fun (why don't we have people over more often??).

What a fun birthday it was (if I do say so myself!).