The death of a car

This photo was taken just moments ago...

We went to look at a Jeep in Tacoma on Wednesday and on the way back Pete said "my car isn't very happy right now" and then...we pulled into a shopping area near home to pick up some cat food (we were totally out) and Pete said "I hope it starts when we get back in" and well, he must have cursed it...because it didn't start when we got back to it. It was the first time this car hasn't started for him. He felt pretty let down by his old trusty.

Tonight, we had it towed home.

We might be getting a buyers inspection on the Jeep we looked at tomorrow - it has a rebuilt title, but lowish miles and seems functional for what I want in a 'family' car. Pete would rather have an A6 or a wagon...but I like the higher up, more cargo room feel of the SUV's. So, we can't seem to agree on what to get...and this new car is for me to be able to drive around with the Pete basically said 'it's up to you'. I know Jeeps have a bad reputation for extensive problems, but so do all the other vehicles we like (Land Rover Discovery, Audi, BMW) so I've moved on to the 'what's most functional' stand point. If we get a 4x4 SUV we can sell the truck and minimize insurance and maintenance payments (insurance for the jeep will be $9 more/year than the let's save moola and get the truck out). Pete's not so hip on selling the truck, but my point is...there will never be a time we can all three ride in the truck, and my parents have the same truck they said we can use any why keep a 3rd vehicle around for those 'just in case' times? I'd rather take the few thousand dollars to replace the money we spend on the jeep. Anywho...that's where we're at.