The Dinner Story

Last Thursday, the 23rd (also known as our 8 monthiversary), we went to the birthing center for a regular monthly checkup and then headed to Evergreen - where we had our 20 week ultrasound.

I'm getting ahead of myself...

The prenatal appointment was great. We met with Heike (she had been out of office for all our other appointments due to a family emergency, so we'd only met with Andrea up until this appointment). Heike was the midwife who delivered sweet Ella. Anyway, she was really nice. I was happy to be doing well in my weight gain (I may eat a lot of sugar, but I guess I'm good at portion control elsewhere since I haven't gained much yet). Pete and I don't have compatible blood types, so I will get a shot in the rear at 28 weeks and then again later in the pregnancy and then again at birth if it turns out the baby (I mean, our girl) has Pete's blood type. They said my uterus was right where it should be for 20 weeks. Um...and other than that, I peed on a stick and tested out normal. We also showed Heike the card we made and were taking to the ultrasound - what can we say...we wanted to show off our handy work. :)

Next up was the 20 week ultrasound over at Evergreen hospital. We anxiously met the tech and promptly told her that we did not want her to tell us the sex while we were at the appointment. We showed her the card and gave her the instructions. She began the ultrasound and I didn't know what she was looking at, but she was measuring things. Once she backed the image out a bit we were able to see the baby (or make sense of it) and it was really exciting! There were only 2 times she told us not to look at the screen...Pete held his hand over my eyes the first time (sheesh, like I'd ruin our whole plan and peek!). Everything was normal and it looks like we have a healthy baby on the way. :)

Other than our 2.5 hours out of the office for these fun appointments, the day was packed with meetings at work. We didn't have much time for talking about/finding/deciding on a restaurant for our dinner date (though I found time to IM Kim and Kari about the options during all my meetings). We left work and headed toward Seattle. I remembered the Pasta Freska name and google mapped it on my phone. We got there...were seated and then decided it wasn't the atmosphere we were craving (it was loud and bright and the table was teeny - didn't seem like a place we could hang out at for hours - which is what I intended to do on this night). So we got up (no water had been delivered yet - we literally sat down and got back up). A guy came out to see why we were leaving and I'm sure we totally offended him - though we were trying to be as nice as possible... I blamed it on me being pregnant and Pete said something like 'we have a really special thing we're doing tonight and this just isn't going to work out' and the guy kept prodding us to tell him the details and told us that it's a great place to share exciting news... UG. Why couldn't we just say 'something just came up and we have to leave, sorry - we'll be back!'? We did manage the 'we'll be back' line...but I doubt the guy believed us.

Onward we went - towards Queen Anne hill. I remembered the name 'how to cook a wolf' and decided we would try that next. We parked and then looked all around trying to find it. In our hunt...we happened upon Opal - a nice little restaurant on the corner. The menu looked good and in we went. We sat at the front window. The music was nice, the place was dimly lit and there were only a few people there, so it was the perfect setting for having a long leisurely dinner.

We started off by ordering some drinks. I didn't specify exactly what I wanted, just something virgin, sweet & sour and served in a martini glass. Pete ordered a drink that sounded good... and when we got them - they were both PINK. I thought it must have been another sign of what was to come. We ordered a baby greens salad (in the spirit of celebrating babies of course) and mac n' cheese to start (I love any mac n' cheese but this was gourmet). They were both great. Pete really wanted to try the Oregon grass fed steak the server told us so much about...and I wanted to try the beet roots. We got them and I again pointed out that our food was PINK (though I still think beets taste like dirt). We talked about things...not many baby things. But once in a while we would go picture crazy and live it up for the camera (see our eachday account for those). We would glance over at the envelope once in a while and talk about opening it. We decided we had to wait for dessert. We ordered a huckleberry concoction...which was PINK as well. I was sure I was onto something.

This was right after I saw the inside of the card - looking at Pete and tearing up...

Then it came. Time to open the envelope. The dessert had been delivered. That was the signal. Pete had already decided that he would open the card towards me and gauge my reaction and then determine what we were having based off of that. I had butterflies (along with the baby) in my tummy. I was so excited for the opening! Pete SLOWLY drew the card out of the envelope... He took pictures of me as he did... and then he opened the card and with my hands over my mouth I got wide eyed and then promptly teared up. It was then that Pete knew - it's a GIRL! We stood up and he ran around the table to give me a big hug and kiss and couldn't stop smiling. It was really exciting...really really exciting. I didn't even want to eat dessert. As I poked at the dessert with my fork, I admitted that I must have wanted it only for the color.

I had already decided before we even went that we would have to go to my parents house on the way home. I couldn't wait to see the look on my moms face when she opened the card (she might deny it, but she was hoping for a girl too). We were heading toward Issaquah and I was like, we have to go to Kim and Daves too...but it would be back tracking to go to my parents and then to K&D' we made a quick stop there. Dave again said 'boy' before they opened the card. HA! Fooled him! Kim was SUPER excited and Ella was screaming for joy (I'm sure it was because of the news). We hurried out and headed towards my parents house. My mom was SOOOOO excited - she got teary eyed too (I'm pretty sure Kim did too)!

We headed home and I hopped on craigslist/etsy to begin my late night search for some girly things for the room.

It was a great day.

The End.