The end of pregnancy

I haven't written in a while so I thought I should quickly jot down my thoughts as I'm in the final days of pregnancy with baby girl #2.

The first go round of pregnancy was always so exciting - well, other than the puking. I would count each week and read up about what was going on in the womb. Then surprise! Before I thought possible, Hailey arrived. I didn't have any anxiety about birth, I wasn't expecting it so soon...and it was a pleasant surprise to meet our little girl so early (16 days before our due date).

Round two has been interesting. Been there, done that...I'm ready to meet the baby and skip forward a few months to the point where we're getting some sleep. It sounds so heartless I know. But really, do you look forward to multiple late night feedings every night and not getting a full 8 hour stretch of sleep?

This time, I'm nearing my due date and anticipating labor. Actually getting quite a bit anxious about it the more time passes. How long will it be, will we make it to the birth center, how am I going to push out a baby bigger than Hailey was (she was only 6lbs 6.5oz), will everything go well, will there be complications, etc. All these questions of wonder... And every time I have a weird 'sign' of labor, I get a bit more on edge. Every time I sit up in bed I find myself wondering "is my water going to break when I get out of bed this time?" (that's what happened last time). It's strange.

Meanwhile, this little girl is still very active and her knees/feet/elbows/hands all seem so huge as they shove at my sides. It has been so sweet to watch Hailey learn to say 'baby' over the last couple months and even sweeter when she comes over to snuggle on my belly with 'baby'. She has even picked up on us poking and pushing at my belly and will often pull up my shirt and do the same as she says 'baby' over and over. She gives baby lots of kisses and even talks gibberish to her once in a while. There are times when Hailey is 'all done' with baby and will make it known by signing and saying 'all done' as she's pulling my shirt back down. Boy will it be a surprise when we can't just be all done with the baby once she's in the outside world!

So... I'm excited, anxious, and curious ...and ready to get a move on. I'm so looking forward to holding our new baby girl and examining her little face and seeing what color (if any) hair she has (I'm voting blond due to my early 'girl' gender dream in which she was blond). I want to count those little toes and kiss those little hands. I am looking forward to watching Hailey and her sister grow up together. So many things I am looking forward to (just not the sleepless nights!).

But for now...patience will have to do.