The Gender Game - Round 2

I will be 20 weeks pregnant on Friday (I can hardly believe it!!) and we go in for our first ultrasound tomorrow.

So far I've had between 6-8 girl dreams - I lost count after 6, but last night I was pregnant with a girl in my dream (also in the same dream my evil twin sister had slit my throat and left me in a ditch...but let's move on to more fun thoughts...). I think after the first girl dream, my mind told itself to keep having girl dreams and that's why so many (or it's a girl and I really am physic).

We'll be happy either way. A boy would be super fun and well, we love our girl so another one would be a blessing too (especially in the clothing department!). Most of all, we're hoping for a healthy baby - gender isn't a concern for us (good thing since we have no control!!). I mean, one or the other would be nice...but you know, we'll be happy with either.

We will once again be asking the ultrasound technician to leave the room with the card we made (okay, so I made it on my own this time) and to throw away the extra gender card, leaving the big answer inside for us to discover after we build up the anticipation over dinner that evening.

We are in luck because it's Seattle Restaurant Week!!!! Now to decide where to go - there are so many good restaurants to choose from (not that I've been to any of them)! I called a few today and they were booked I'm hoping we can get lucky at the last minute tomorrow. It's going to be a busy day with U/S, swimming lesson and the big reveal. I'm excited!!

I was holding off on setting up the new crib since how we're still 4 months away from even possibly using it, but today I just had to get it out of the dining room and what better place to put it? I asked Hailey if she wants it to be her new bed and she said yes. So....we'll see who goes where when the time comes. Maybe we'll play musical cribs for now - I mean, why not? :) Don't worry, I'll put the other side on eventually. I set it up today in about 5 minutes - right before I headed out the door to meet Pete for lunch.

(Pay no attention to Hailey's finger in this pic. She was protesting bedtime...excuse her.)

So....stay tuned. I hope to be posting up our 'news' story here sometime tomorrow night or Friday. Now let's hope the wee one doesn't hide from us....I guess that part is key in finding out the gender.
Oh ya, and here's my first pregnancy pic this time around. For some reason I have these 'take a picture' ideas right as I'm in the middle of changing into my PJ' ignore the sweatpants and tired expression. The point belly is growing. This shirt helps emphasize it and today I felt a little more validated when someone looked at me and actually knew I was pregnant. Truth be told, I've felt pretty frumpy lately and once in a while I ask Pete if I look fat or pregnant - lately the answer is a definite "pregnant" - woohoo!