The littlest gymnast

Hailey is 'the little gymnast' in this house, but technically, Charlotte is the littlest (for now) and she does gymnastics too. I'm not yet sure if she's all that into it at this point. She likes the bars and balance beam, but she isn't fond of warming up with floor exercises (the first 15 minutes of class).
I took the big camera to gymnastics one day, and captured Charlotte at work. This girl is very serious about her sport. She really doesn't like the warm up time and prefers to not participate. She just stands there and watches everyone else. Some days she won't even join the class on the floor until they've moved to the obstacle course. 
As soon as they move to the obstacle course, she is a happy camper and joins right in. 
 And she's really quite good at it all.
 She's really strong.
 And a good listener. 
 And cute to boot!

 She loves the bars and can hang from them for a long time, it's incredible to watch her out there.

We switched coaches recently as her previous coach wasn't connecting with her at all. She is with coach Kristen now - the same coach Hailey had last year! Coach Kristen is awesome with the little ones! We're hoping Charlotte joins in for warm up time soon - it's a good 15 minutes of class she misses out on.