The Name Game

When I was pregnant we had a hard time deciding on a name for our little girl. Olivia was the front runner in the beginning, but that faded as soon as I realized how popular it is right now (I still really love it though). Pete and I didn't quite agree on any names (very unusual for us not to agree on something). He would often suggest names that were completely off the wall (we had some good laughs!) and when he did have a real suggestion, I never quite knew if I should take him seriously.
One day I was driving and a name popped in my head: Katelyn. I called Pete and told him and he said "I like it!". Wow - a first! So as the pregnancy continued and people asked me what we were naming our little girl, I would hesitantly reply "Katelyn".

In the week before her birth, I heard the name Katelyn spoken to 3 different children in a week. I began to doubt our name selection as it seemed so popular and somehow it lost its charm when I heard other people use it with their kids.

So...Pete and I made up a name list, 9 names in total.


We aimed to have it resolved by the time she was born.

No such luck

I imagined this baby having lighter when she arrived I was surprised to see so much dark hair. She just didn't look like the Katelyn I had imagined and at this point I wasn't sold on the name. We left the Birth Center without having named our daughter.

The week following her birth we slowly started to try out Katelyn for her name. I still didn't really like it and had a hard time introducing her as I would often say "this is my baby girl" instead of "this is Katelyn". The name list was still on my bedside table.

We retracted "Katelyn" and went back to calling her "baby girl".

I thought maybe the post-pregnancy hormones might be messing with me, so I didn't want to settle on anything right away. This might have annoyed some people (my mom!), but I was just fine and dandy calling my baby "baby girl" for the first 2 weeks of her life.

We continued to discuss names, but never got very far. Pete thought she was a Katelyn...and hadn't accepted or realized that I really didn't want to name her Katelyn. Charlotte was the front runner for me at this point, but it seemed odd to say at first. Pete said we could name her Charlotte if I really thought she looked like a Charlotte, but I didn't want him to be settling just so she'd have a name I liked. I wanted to make sure Pete liked the name, but was doubting that he did since he kept saying she looked like a Katelyn. Every morning and night I would ask Pete what her name was...and he would either say Charlotte, or throw out new options (Evelyn, Elizabeth and Katelyn being the recurring ones). All the while he was waiting for me to be passionate about a name, but at this point, I was worn out and passion was not something I was feeling. I liked a few of the options, but from the beginning I thought she looked like a Charlotte. We had started calling her Charlotte once in a while at home...just trying it out...but I wasn't sure if it was going to stick.

Yesterday I called Pete and told him I wanted to publish her name on Facebook and so I asked him over the phone what we should name her. He said, "Charlotte."

So, Charlotte she is!

Charlotte Marie Myron