The sickness

So...I was a really mean wife on Tuesday morning. I didn't feel well and Pete tried to cuddle with me in bed. I kicked him away (not in a very nice way - is there a nice way to kick someone away?) and told him to leave me alone and to get up and go to work without me. I'll admit, I was being very selfish.

He didn't get up - and that irritated me more. I wanted the bed to myself. I think I went on to rant about 'I can't always be the one to initiate getting out of bed and getting ready to leave for work!'. He finally got up (well past 9am - which is when we aim to be at work) and after a slow morning around the house, he left (10 something?).

Around 11 I finally decided to go to work. I made a stop at the bank on the way...and as I was talking to the teller, my body went into a sweat (we're talking the back drenching, chest melting, head on fire kind of sweat). So I went to work and grabbed my laptop and headed home. Pete soon followed suit.

That night Pete threw up for the first time in at least 10 years. Boy did I feel bad for kicking him out of bed!! For the next 3 days we both laid in bed as a full time job. He has tummy problems and general weakness, and I had the general weakness, but also my lungs started to swell up with gunk.

Pete went to work on Friday. I, worse than before, stayed home for a 4th day.

Brianne's baby shower was yesterday and I woke up still not any better and decided to go to the urgent care clinic to find out 'am I contagious?' and as I suspected, the answer was yes. I was sad. We dropped off a gift on the way home (not that Fairwood is on the way home from Issaquah) and I moped around the house all day. Pete tiled the bathroom floor (HOORAY!) and I eventually (out of boredum) began organizing closets. I started in Hailey's room and moved on to the hall closet and then eventually even made it to the front entry closet. Then I cleaned a toilet and vaccummed a bit.

Woke up this morning in the same condition as yesterday and have been working hard to wake up my husband with all the hacking and coughing (ok, I'm really not trying to wake him up!!). The poor guy. I've been up tossing and turning and coughing through the nights and he's well, trying to sleep through it all. I feel like a guest bedroom would benefit us at this point. At least a comfy couch that's long enough to stretch out on!

Here I sit typing. This is my attempt to let him sleep a little without me right next to him. Wonder if he's able to sleep through this though...I've decided cough drops don't help - I seem to be coughing at the same rate.

Maybe I'll go try the couch now. I'm still so tired...