The start

I typed this earlier and thought I'd post it for you all to have a glimpse into how our little Hailey arrived into the world at 8:46am today.

After a pleasant girls night at Sarah's....I drove home and passed some time surfing the interwebs (while Pete was playing COD). At about 11:50 we finally got ourselves in order and laid down to sleep. By this time I started experiencing some mega heartburn and blamed it on the pizza I ate at Sarah's. I usually get heartburn right when I get in bed, so I chomped on a couple Tums and laid down. I read a little bit from one of our pregnancy books (the part about feeding schedules when you bring the baby home) and then we shut off the lights. I wasn't comfortable and I felt like throwing up. I got up a few times to stand over the toilet, but throwing up didn't sound like I went back to bed. I tossed and turned a bit and then sat up thinking I was really going to throw up...and there was a gush and I said something like "babes...I think my water is breaking" and I waddled to the bathroom to sit for a while. I started shaking a ton...and got real scared. I called Kim and told her my water broke and I wasn't sure what to do. She told me 'you're going to have your baby soon!' and well, honestly I didn't know what to think because I had yet to experience a real contraction.

Pete paged the birth center and Heike called back right away. Pete talked to her and then I did and explained what had happened and told her we didn't know what to do... she said to try to get some sleep and to call back if the color of fluid turns green. I wasn't having any noticeable contractions at this going back to sleep sounded like a nice idea. Even after talking to her, I still didn't really believe/comprehend that our baby would be coming soon...and that I'm done with work.

Well, here I am typing. It's 2:22am. When I lay down I feel really gross...and I'm pretty sure the contractions have started. Pete was just hollering for me to come to bed...but I feel much better sitting up so I'm trying to decide if I will try to go rock myself in the glider or just how to get a bit of wink eye.

I thought I'd document this I don't want to forget. Pete also did a little video tonight and I explained the details I'm trying to type.

I just had another contraction. Yikes, I'm kind of freaked out.