Things to remember

Last night I realized that I am forgetting tiny details about Hailey and I want to capture this is written for her.

  • You started off sleeping 3-4 hour stretches at night. It got better and you started sleeping a 5 hour stretch. Just last week we switched to having you sleep on your belly and you are now sleeping a good 7 hour stretch at night. You wake up around 4am for a quick bite (5-10 minute feeding) and then if we're lucky you go back to sleep until about 7:45...though the last few mornings you haven't gone back to sleep after the 4am feeding. This makes for a tired mommy and daddy.
  • At the same time we switched your sleeping position we also started a bedtime routine which includes changing into pj's and reading books with mommy and daddy around the same time each night. We have tried putting you down when you are still awake and if you're full enough, you fall asleep on your own.
  • I finally admitted to daddy that it wasn't that you weren't ready to be in your crib, but it was mommy who had to come to terms with leaving you in another room.
  • You are now sleeping in your crib at night but some mornings I wake up to find you next to me in bed (the mornings you won't go back to sleep at 4am and daddy stays up with you and eventually gets you to fall asleep next to him in our bed).
  • You had really bad baby acne at 3 weeks. We were a little worried about it, but it went away...just like the doctor said it would.
  • You started smiling and meaning it at the end of your 5th week. It started with just a rare smile, but now it's much more frequent.
  • Bath time is fun for you. You like the penguin water toy more than the whale.
  • You love to smile and coo when you're on the changing table.
  • We had you babysat for the first time on April 30th by Grandma and Grandpa Young.
  • You like to watch the toilet flush after you go potty in it.
  • A section of your hair always sticks up - even after I brush it down with a wet brush.
  • We had your first 'pro' pictures taken yesterday and you didn't smile for the camera because you were tired and cranky (it was a morning you wouldn't fall back asleep after your early morning feeding).
  • Daddy LOVES to cuddle with you in the mornings.
  • You started bobbing your head around when there's music playing and you seem to 'dance' with your arms and legs.
  • This morning I woke up to you crying at 3:30am...I went to your room and discovered that you had scooted out of your blanket and were cuddled up against the top rail - perpendicular to the position you started in.
  • The other day you screamed so much when I changed your diaper I wondered if my sweet mild tempered child had a change of heart.
  • Mommy and Daddy often fight playfully over who gets to take you out of the car and hold you when we go somewhere. That's how much we love you.