Things to Remember: 8 Months

Dear Hailey,

You are 8 months old and I want to remember all of the cute things about you at this age. Here we go!

  • You wave! It's not a perfect wave, but it sure is cute! Sometimes you use both hands and roll your little hands around in circles. You even wave at our cat Wesley when he shows up.
  • You learned to make a kissing noise and when we kiss your cheek, you kiss back (though you've only actually kissed my cheek a few times). It's so cute! We wander the house and make kissing noises at each other...
  • You have a lot of gas (blame it on the black beans we've been feeding you!). In the morning you toot and then grin really big at daddy and me. It's quite funny.
  • You move your right foot in circles - it seems like you do this when you're bored.
  • Sometimes when you wake up you shake your arms as if you are having a seizure. You stop as soon as I pick you up.
  • You're super cute.
  • Your hair is long on top and short on the sides.
  • You just recently learned how fun bath time can be - you splash splash splash water everywhere!
  • You are eating in the middle of the night again and I haven't minded so much since I read somewhere that babies get the most antibodies from night time feedings.
  • Sometimes I wake up in the mornings and find you cuddled up with me in bed.

  • Your first tooth (lower right) broke through the gums on Halloween.
  • You don't like black beans and you make all sorts of faces to show your disgust.
  • You like to pull off your bib. When you start to pull it off I look at you with a 'serious' face and tell you not to pull it off and you seem to understand me as you slowly remove your hands - but I do see a look in your eyes as if you're thinking about testing me.
  • I love holding you close and protecting you from the cold.
  • I wanted you to have a cute and girly costume for Halloween but you ended up going as Jesus instead.
  • You like to walk all over the place. You can pull yourself up by grabbing a finger and then you just hold on and walk walk walk...
  • You are friendly. You like to look at everything going on and you smile at most people who are nice to you.
  • You love watching the branches on trees swaying in the wind and watching the leaves fall to the ground.
  • Sometimes you are shy around guys and you cuddle up on me when they say hi to you.
  • You squeal really loud. It's more like a scream. It hurts our ears and sometimes you laugh after you if you know just how funny you are. We try really hard to hide our laughing from you so you don't think screaming is a fun thing to do.
  • You love my phone. I have a flash card application on it that rotates through animals and you get SO excited to see them all.
  • You love watching birds - real ones and the fake ones on the mobile hanging over your crib.
  • Daddy and you have lots of fun playing the drums together and I love listening to your song!