This is NOT your cat!

Our cat Willy stopped by for a visit tonight. It's pretty rare that we get to spend any time with him these days, so I dropped what I was doing (scooping kiwi for Charlotte) and ran outside to greet our cat of 10 years, Willy Rumples.

Something flashy hanging from his neck actually caught my eye as I was sitting at the table inside our kitchen. A tag?! I had to find out what it was.

FACT: King County Animal Control was out this past weekend surveying households about how many animals they have living with them and they were here to make sure we are paying our taxes, er, I mean cat registration fees if we indeed owned cats or dogs. We told the man that we used to have two cats, but some neighbors have been trying to steal them against our wishes and as such, we never see the cats. Also known as, we don't want to pay for cats we don't even see 2 times a month so please go away! The man chuckled a bit and went on to the next house. Pete and I wondered if Tweed (our cat's 'food provider') would be paying to register our cats since he seems to have full time ownership at this point...

Upon inspection, I found that Willy was now wearing a rather large silver tag which includes a King County registration number. A bit furious, I took the collar off of Willy and contemplated my next step.

It didn't take long. I quickly ran inside, found a sharpie and went to work.

This is NOT your cat!

Yup, that's what I wrote on the back of that big tag. Next up? Mod Podge. I slopped some Mod Podge over top of my message and got to work blowing it dry. I did not want my efforts to go to waste. This message was not going to be rubbed off. The message was going to be delivered!

Now...I don't know if Willy has fleas or not since I haven't seen him in so long. I've heard that it's a bad year for fleas (or I suppose it's a good year for the fleas...). I wasn't about to risk bringing him inside our house to infest it if those pests were on him - so I had left him outside while I altered his tag.

I went back out to find Willy. He was quite a ways away at the neighbors house (not the ones who stole him). I let him be and decided to come inside to clean up the girls and also to allow him the opportunity to come back to our yard sans children. Eventually I spotted Willy in our backyard and ran to the window to toss Pete the collar (he was out working on the shed). He managed to pet Willy and got the message attached to our cat.

What will come of this?

Probably nothing (just like the last 100 times). For now it's just another story in the saga of our cats. It does make me laugh though...and maybe that's the point of all of it.

I miss my foot warmers!