Traveling across California in a mario kart

Last nights dream was that Pete and I were traveling across California in a mario kart. It wasn't gas powered, it just 'goes'. Ours was green with yellow plastic wheels (the whole thing was plastic).

We didn't have much food to start with...and we eventually ran out of food. We traveled through all these mountain passes and finally I saw water (we were heading to somewhere along the ocean). I got excited thinking we were *there*. Turned out the water was a large river. There was a lone house in front of a bridge going over the river. To access the bridge, we had to interrupt a tea party in the front yard of the house and ask if we could pass. The lady told us we could, only if we fed her cats on the way through. There were a ton of cats in this little side yard we had to pass through. We snuck into her house to steal some food as we fed the cats (whose bowl was already overflowing with food).

We got to a HUGE cliff, dropped off of it and the ground below was like a trampoline. It absorbed us and bounced us in the air...when we landed the 2nd time the rear left wheel snapped off. We decided we both needed to sit on the right side and balance the kart on the two right wheels for the rest of the trip.

We finally got to the ocean...but we were too far south. Someone told us it would take us 3 more days to get where we were going, but an hour and a half later we ended up at our destination. My mom was there...she was really dissappointed that we were late and that we looked like we hadn't showered in days. I tried to explain that we were lost in the mountains and that we had ran out of food and had a wheel break off our kart along the way... but she didn't care to hear all that we had been through.

Then I woke up.