Trip to Italy: Day 10

Day 10 - Siena to Rome

It was another long night with Hailey eating a ton and me not feeling like I got much sleep. We packed up our stuff and check out of our room. It was really foggy outside...
We headed to the train station. We didn't really know where it was. We had a little map from the Ricky Stevens book, but we weren't sure where we were or where we should we walked in the direction that felt right (based on the direction that our bus arrived into town). We went down a few wrong turns. We finally asked a lady if we were heading the right way to the train station and she responded (in Italian) something about it being a long way down the hill and added that we shouldn't walk. She looked really concerned when Pete tried to tell her that it was okay and we would be fine walking. We weren't really sure what she was saying so that's what we put together anyway.

I wanted to walk. I took any chance we had to save money and get some exercise. My running program was put on hold for this trip (and apparently it's still on hold) - so I felt the need to walk instead of ride in taxi's or buses. I don't think Pete was too fond of this desire to he was carrying the big pack (did I already mention that he lost 5 lbs on this trip?). So anyway, we walked. We stumbled upon a great street market and I wanted to shop! Pete stood on the sidewalk and talked to Rome Sweet Home and made arrangements for our 3 night stay in Rome while I quickly browsed the booths. So much stuff - I bought a dress and hoped it would fit. And then in a hurry to get to the train station we left the market and continued our walk. On the way we asked someone else how to get to the train station and he pointed and told us to turn left in 500 meters. We walked. We turned and we walked. Now we could see it! We hurried our pace and arrived. We walked up to the ticket booth and told the guy where we were going and looking a little alarmed he pointed and said, "that's your train!!". So we hurried and paid and then ran for the train (which they were now holding for us).We arrived to Rome and found the Rome Sweet Home headquarters and then headed up to the 5th floor to check out the apartment. Did I mention that the other place I had booked prior to arriving in Italy had canceled on us? It turned out to be a good thing, but it was a bit annoying at the time. We checked our email in the morning and discovered that my email confirmation 2 nights before was not good enough - they didn't consider it a confirmation (even though in email they had told me to write back to I did). Strange.

Anyway, we dropped our stuff off at the apartment and headed to the grocery store to pick up some food (and diapers - we were finally running out of the diapers we had brought from home). It was a little strange, but I was craving Coca-Cola (I'm not usually a soda drinker). I passed the Coke and was trying to tell myself no...and then I broke down and was compelled to go back and grab a bottle. Pete was disgusted at the idea (he's not a soda drinker either - well, other than root beer...but that's another story).
I was SO excited to finally have a kitchen!! And I think I was even more excited to be having a coke! It was so good and it was one of 3 that I enjoyed on our trip. It was really expensive in Italy, so it helped me stay under control.
I made dinner and we had a nice evening just relaxing and enjoying the apartment. Note that we bought a 2.30euro bottle of wine at the store and it was just fine (I mean, it wasn't perfect...but for the price, it was). I decided that you can't go wrong with wine in Italy. :)
We had a rooftop terrace and had fun listening to the music from the street below. We planned out our itinerary for the next day while I enjoyed sipping my coke on the rooftop.
Pete likes to fix things. Okay, maybe he doesn't like to, but he knows how to, and if something isn't right, he wants to make it he ended up fixing quite a few things along the way in several of the places we stayed. In this case the bathroom sink filter was very clogged and when we turned on the water it would spray everywhere. He went ahead and cleaned that out so we didn't get a shower every time we went to use the bathroom sink.
I think that's it for day 10. It was mostly a travel day... I'm hoping to find some time to get more days done soon...wish me luck!