Trip to Italy: Day 11

***I've had this post as a draft sitting for weeks now - so here goes - I'm publishing it without finishing it.***

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We ate some breakfast (scrambled eggs w/cheese!) in our apartment and and then headed out to find a bus to take us closer to the Colosseum. We weren't sure if we got on going towards the Colosseum or not, but eventually we realized that we had indeed taken the bus the right direction. There was a little girl on the bus who was just tickled by Hailey. She kept saying baby in Italian over and over and she wouldn't stop staring and smiling at Hailey. It was really cute. Here we are waiting for the bus. I like this picture because of the guy in the suit behind me. ;)
We got suckered into a tour group at the Colosseum (we convinced the guy to give us the student pricing!) and were very glad he did (otherwise we would have probably looked at stuff for a little bit and then left not knowing half of what we learned on the tour). I think this was the first day I figured out how to nurse Hailey while carrying her around in the Ergo baby. We were on a tour - so I couldn't just sit down and nurse. Thankfully I had worn my wonderful black tank top and Hailey became quite good at ignoring the outside world in exchange for some milk (wish that was still the case!!).
Our tour started at the Colosseum and went to the Roman Forum from there. Looking back at the whole trip we were really happy we took the tour in Rome (the only paid tour we took on our whole trip). It was quite fascinating. It was also quite HOT outside (80's)!! We walked and walked and walked.
I just love this picture of Hailey sitting on top of a piece of marble column.
On our way to the Pantheon we took a snack break on the lawn in an area in front of the Victor Emanuel Monument and read up in our Rick Steve's book while we rested our feet.
We visited many churches throughout the day. This was one of the few churches that allowed pictures.
We passed by quite a few 'pope shops'. In hindsight we wished we had gone into one and looked at the prices of things - because we were sure that the cloaks and everything else must have been REALLY expensive. These stores were like high end boutiques for bishops! Every time we entered a church we tried to imagine how much money had been poured into them and it just seemed like there was a lot of focus on idolizing things.
At the Pantheon there was a service just getting started and a choir was assembling when we arrived. We got there just in time for a front row view (front row from the tourist observation area that is - there were chairs set up for the people attending the 'service'). I found it to be rather interesting how many people were outside the Pantheon - it was crazy crowded. I'm not so fond of the crowds - the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain were the most crowded places we visited on our entire trip.

The good stuff is coming - I promise!!