Trip to Italy: Day 12 (Rome)

We woke up early, but still didn't get out the door until after 11am. Our plan was to be at the Vatican early, but when we got there we read that lines are long until 12:30 and then they die we left to go find lunch. We ate at the #1 rated Rick Steve's lunch spot in the area and it was a buffet. The prices were okay, but it wasn't anything that special. I think Rick Steve's just liked it for the price and that it was all you can eat. Don't get me wrong, it was not like an OCB meal (Old Country Buffet for you not in the know).
After lunch we grabbed some gelato. Then we headed back to the Vatican and the line was much shorter. We went to St. Peters first.

After St. Peters we went to the museum. There's 4 miles of stuff there (if you were to walk the whole thing). We walked a lot, but didn't see it all.
We were pretty impressed by this ceiling painting. It looked so 3D...
We noticed in all the museums that there were images of Mary holding the head of Jesus. Now I'm no Bible scholar or anything, but I can't remember a time when Jesus' head was not on his body, nor when it was talked about that Mary held her sons severed head in her hands. We didn't know the history of it, but we made sure to get a picture so we could remember this weird commonality in all the museums.

*****EDIT: Ignore what I just said about the Mary holding the head thing. I was totally mixed up our conversations (whoops). It was the empty caskets we kept seeing in paintings everywhere. I guess I should have blogged sooner - my memory is failing me and I didn't write all the details down in my journal!!!*****

We saw the Sistine pics of that of course. Hailey was great the whole time, but once we got to the 'grand finale' she wouldn't keep quiet. There were museum workers in the Chapel hushing people, and I felt a bit out of place with my noisy baby. Okay, I felt like 'that' person. You know the one? The one with the annoying kid who's ruining the experience for everyone else. Well, she wasn't *that* bad, but I was a bit conscious of the fact that I couldn't get my baby to be quiet and sound seemed to travel in that little room. I thought the chapel would be bigger. Pete built it up so much on the long walk there that I was a tad bit disappointed (did I just say that? Yup. I did). I took Hailey to the exit and waited in a hall for Pete. He spent a bit more time in the chapel soaking it all in (he had been before so in hindsight, maybe I should have been the one to stay and soak it in...meh).

From there we were pretty much done at the museum so we bought a postcard and went to the Vatican post office to mail it. It cost .80 euro to sent it to the USA. You could say I fell for the tourist trap on that one.

After we mailed the postcard we started walking back towards our apartment. The idea was to hop on a bus...but if there was one one moment where Pete and I got frustrated with each other on this whole trip, it was then. He wanted to take a bus and I wanted to just keep walking. We weren't very sure which bus we needed to hop on, or which side of the street we needed to be on to get on going the right way...and that stressed me out. As Pete looked at the map and tried to figure out what street we needed to get to, I kept saying "let's just keep walking". There was something about walking in Italy that I really enjoyed. Yes, it had been a long day of walking through the museum, but seeing the city by foot was part of the adventure. We were getting closer to the apartment so Pete finally put the map away.

When we got in, I attempted to use up all our food since we were checking out the following day. I cooked some pasta and made some salads. Man, I love Italian pasta - it's so fresh and yummmmmy.
After dinner we packed our bags in an effort to be ready to leave the next day.

At 3:30am we were startled awake by a noise. We got up to investigate. I was a bit freaked out. It was really windy out and Pete determined that the noise we heard was from the wind knocking something over on the terrace. Moments later there was another noise. My ipod fell off the TV. Hailey slept through it all (but it was all pretty loud!).

to be continued....