Trip to Italy: Day 14

So I realize that I never sat down to finish my Italy trip posts. Now that my sister-in-law Kari is blogging about their recent travels to Spain - I'm feeling inspired to get the last leg of our trip documented here.

During our trip I kept a little diary. At the end of each day I would write a little summary of what we did. For some reason the last 4 days or so were so relaxing that I fell off the writing wagon (much like my trip blogging itself and maybe this is why).
I think I left off with Civita Di Bagnoregio...last I wrote, we had been a bit creeped out by the empty town and decided that we needed to leave the next day - even though there wasn't bus service on Sunday. We decided that we would walk. The bus had taken an hour to get us out here, but we decided to make the most of the beautiful country side and we would enjoy a long walk back to Orvieto.

That was our plan. Morning came and the church bells woke us up bright and early (note the bell tower on the right in the pic above...our room was in the building to the left - the top left window was ours and the bell was loud). We went downstairs to have our breakfast...which was orange juice and small prepackaged chocolate filled croissants. We decided that we would spend a little time looking around and then check out. Upon stepping out of the B&B Pete heard a couple speaking English and went over to ask them if we could hang a ride to Orvieto with them. Turns out they were Canadians. They were a bit baffled at how we knew they had driven there or how we knew they spoke English (we were across the courtyard from them when Pete saw them) and why we needed a ride in the first place. A quick explanation about the buses not running on Sundays...the town being much smaller than we anticipated and us not planning well for the situation...and we were IN. :) The couple wanted to have a drink before leaving so we got to wander the town and see it all.

We were on a hunt for Hailey food once again since we ran out the day before. She was hungry. We wanted something more than bread. We went to this little bruschetta place and asked if they had any fruit and explained that we didn't plan well and we needed something for our daughter. The girl working there happened to have an apple in her sack lunch and shared it with us. She was really nice and made us some wonderful bruschetta and then sat down with us to chat. She told us about her family and the little they used to live there, but now she lives on the 'main' land on the other side of the foot bridge and only comes over to run their tourist business. We wandered around, took a few pics and then headed off to find our new Canadian friends.
We walked across the footbridge and headed for their rental car - a BMW. Okay, this wasn't so bad - free ride in a nice car with nice people - good work Pete! We learned that she was the mayor of King City, Ontario and it sounded like they had a nice life in Canada. We stopped to take pictures along the way and Pete and I realized just how long of a walk it would have been if we hadn't hitched a ride.
The picture above is of Orvieto - that's where we were heading... We had already driven quite a ways and had quite a ways to go. It was a beautiful ride! We parted ways in Orvieto and the 3 of us headed to the train station.
A few train transfers later and we arrived in Monterosso al Mare. It was late and we didn't have any reservations. We got a vacancy list from the train station and Pete called around. He found us a nice room for 60euro/night and it was the best and least expensive room we had on the whole trip.
Monterosso al Mare was touristy and seemed too modern for what I had imagined. I was a bit disappointed since I had imagined a very old set of villages on the hillsides of the Ligurian Sea. Now...we hadn't planned on staying a night in Monterosso and I hadn't seen the other towns yet, so I really didn't know what was to come. It was beautiful there...the beach was stunning at sunset. It was just so touristy that it bothered me a little. We found our room and settled in for the night.

...more to come later - I promise!