Trip to Italy: Days 6, 7, & 8

Day 6 - Florence
We woke up early due to Hailey. I had mosquito bites all over and itched like crazy (bed bugs?). I was glad to be leaving Venice as our room was growing very old and stuffy. The room was decent. What made it okay was that they provided a crib...and it was in the front room (next to the bedroom). but my advice to anyone traveling with kids is to get a room with a view. The nights that we had a view room were great as at least Pete and I had something to look at (other than each other) once Hailey was asleep.

Okay, so we packed up in the morning and headed to the train station by foot. When we had arrived in Venice we took a water bus to the area we were staying in. This time, feeling a bit more brave about our surroundings, we walked. Quite some time later, we arrived at the train station where we caught the 12:43pm train to Florence.

We found our room right away and then went out to see some sights. First up - David.
Okay, so this is a picture of the replica...but I have to admit that I felt a little cheated having gone and paid to get into the museum to see the real David and then discovering that there was a replica in the same city. Sheesh! I guess the real deal was neat and the art was wonderful (though I couldn't tell you what I saw where now that I've been and gone).

After our sightseeing was done for the day we found a pizza joint. We ate. It was okay, nothing spectacular - though the guy we rented the room from told us that it was the best pizza in Florence...we weren't that impressed. We headed back to our room to drop off the backpack and headed back out for gelato and an internet cafe.

Back at our room I made Hailey the first of many beds on the floor. She didn't seem to mind...
Day 7 - Florence

Hailey was up very early on day 7. I had tried to bring her to our bed in hopes of sleeping a bit longer. It worked for her, but I couldn't get back to sleep. The twin bed I was on was very stiff and I was super uncomfortable (and the pillows were like bricks - youch!).

We continued on with our sightseeing. We visited the free portion of Palazzo Vecchio and visited Ponte Vecchio, Santa Croce Leather School (the church happened to be closed - see picture below), and the Uffizi Gallery.
In the summary portion of my previous post I said something like 'old stuff isn't as impressive once you've seen 100's of it's kind'. Well, this day of seeing old stuff was helping me build that case. I have a short attention span for some of this stuff - it all starts to look the same after a while and I don't care to look at every single battle axe - one or two give me the general idea. So anyway, we saw stuff. It was neat, but I'm not a history buff and my memory is not that once again, I don't even remember all of the things we saw or where we saw them, or exactly what time period something as from.
I like how many people are taking pictures in this picture.
I became a diaper changing and breastfeeding pro on this trip. Here I am changing Hailey's diaper while sitting on the step of a church that happened to be in the middle of their mass (the most unimpressive church we came across on our trip - must not have been catholic!).

On our way back to the room, we came upon the carousel where Hailey and I shared in a super fun time together.
Hailey was pretty worn out from the day and so I headed back to the room while Pete waited for our 'take away' pizza from the joint across the street.
This was the night we learned that many places don't cut your pizza for you. I did the best I could to managed my way through eating a pizza.

At bedtime Pete switched sides of the bed with me and I had a much better night of sleep (thanks Pete!).

Day 8 - Florence/Siena

We had to be checked out of our room by 10am (aka - way too early!). We left our bags and headed out to browse the market in hopes of finding me a purse (okay, I don't know that Pete hoped to find me a purse, but I sure had hoped to find one with this time at the market). We found the food market in the midst of my purse hunt.
Rabbit anyone? No? How about some cow tongue? Calf brain? Or maybe a duck?

I was a bit grossed out and intrigued by the meat market. Maybe even so grossed out that I couldn't bring myself to buy a purse in the adjoining material goods market. Naw - I just didn't find a purse calling my name that day.
I was impressed by this wall of windows near a bench outside of the water closet. Unfortunately the wall wasn't so impressed with me and tried to teach me that I wasn't holding the camera straight. :(
We arrived in Siena by bus and I immediately liked it more than I had liked Florence. It was pretty.
We made the expensive mistake of eating in the tourist area "Il Campo". We were hungry and we wandered away from the tourist area, but ended up heading in a direction where there were no restaurants to be found. We got lost and finally ended up back in the il campo we decided to sit and people watch at a restaurant right there in the mix. Expensive mistake! It was pretty unimpressive and the bill was one of the highest of all meals on our whole trip - 43 euro. It doesn't sound like much, but for what we had, it was a rip off. Oh, and consider the exchange rate...and you get the idea...

Back at the room, we made a nice bed on the floor for Hailey and settled in for the night (in another room with no view).