Trips to the bathroom and Ikea

We went to dinner the other night and at the end of our meal, Hailey needed to use the bathroom. I started to walk into the stall with her, and she stopped me (by shoving the door closed) and said, "I don't need any help, I can do it on my own." Um, WHAT?!!?!? When did this happen??????

Just a few days before this, she discovered that she could indeed get up on the toilet without the help of a step. And now she doesn't even need me?? Don't get me wrong, it's a really great spot to be in (her being able to do the whole thing on her own), but it did make me a teeny bit sad that my girl is so quickly growing up.

Little Miss Independent! 

Charlotte has been talking quite a bit lately. She can say just about any word (she repeats stuff) and her favorite word is still "No". She is so cute when she say it. She is also very good at saying "Poop" and "Pee". She has been potty training herself. This was NOT started by me! I guess she just wants to be a big girl. She's still going in her diaper at random, but if she does, she makes sure to tell us. And before bed she's learned the old 'I have to go potty' trick in order to stay up later. Of course we want to help her if she needs to go before bed, so we sit there with her as she plays around on the toilet. Sometimes she goes right away (and then we're glad we listened) and sometimes she doesn't go (and then we get frustrated that she's wasting time trying to stay up later).

She is still very active. Always climbing and jumping off of things. She even hangs from things.

She and Hailey usually get along and they are really good buddies. Hailey watches out for Charlotte and also makes sure to tattle on her if she's doing something wrong. Or when she's not tattling, she tries to blame Charlotte for whatever it is they are doing that isn't quite right (the other day a whole bag of crumbs was dumped on the couch - Hailey quickly blamed Charlotte for turning the bag upside down and pouring it all over the couch - but who was the one that got the snack out in the first place and chose to take the bag downstairs to eat it? Hailey of course).

We've been a little out of sync for naps. Today they are both napping at the same time (as I write this!). One day last weekend Pete commented that we really need to get them on the same schedule. I of course agreed. Some days it works, other just doesn't (and those are the days I find myself pulling my hair out in frustration because mommy just needs a break sometimes!).

Speaking about pulling my hair out... Charlotte has had a few rather crazy (as in embarrassing) tantrums in stores lately.

Now...I took my phone out a little late in this tantrum, so I didn't get the really good stuff captured (laying face down with arms and legs flailing about and screaming at the top of her lungs), but I did at least capture these 2 things: 1. we were at Ikea and 2. Charlotte was NOT happy about being there. She has this really loud shrill scream that she does once in a while and let me tell you, she let it out of its cage for this trip.

This video was taken during the tail end of the whole thing. It's very tame (and I'm not sure why it cut out the sound at the end, but my phone has issues...maybe it was tired of hearing her too). Everyone was looking at us with those eyes. You know the ones - the "why-don't-you-just-pick-your-kid-up-and-make-her-be-quiet" eyes. Well folks, we tried that. And her screaming got SO loud that we set her back down. I was trying to keep Hailey entertained (distracted) while Pete was trying his very best to get Charlotte calmed down. It looked like we didn't belong to her. When Pete picked her up she did that arched back kicking thing (and her scream volume increased).... We eventually just let her have it out in the display kitchen in the corner and tried our best to look like we were trying (for the sake of the people passing by) but also, we tried to ignore her (the good old 'ignore them and they will stop' tactic) while she screamed it out. She eventually calmed down and let me tell you - we grabbed her and went on the fast track to get out of the building!  

 Hope that made you smile. That's all I have for now (I need to be a little productive during this beloved nap time!). :)