Weekend Review

The weekend started off with a trip to Greenlake on Friday evening. The purpose of our trip was to pick up the race packet for the 5k I'd signed up for in June. The race was at 8am Saturday morning and everyone was advised to pick up their numbers and shoe tags the day before so that the lines weren't super long on the morning of. I was amazed at the set up as it was quite large and when I asked how many people were signed up - the answer was 5,000. Wow, WHAT!? It turned out that there were somewhere around 2,000 women on race day (I'm assuming quite a few didn't show up - the bib numbers started at 1 and went up to 5000). After picking up the packet we walked across the street and enjoyed some spaghetti while sitting out front at Armondo's. We tried to go to sleep early that night...
The next morning I woke up at 5:30 (the alarm had been set for 6am). It was probably a good thing because even though I got up so early we were barely to the race in time (we tend to be late for things these days). It would have been perfect timing if I hadn't needed to empty my bladder before running. The line was really long at the portables so I opted for Starbucks.
The line was long there as well and it was super slow (even though the women were using the men's restroom too!). At about 8am I was still in line and someone told us that the start time had been delayed 5 minutes due to the backup at the bathrooms. So I got to go and I made it back before the herd was let loose. The 5k went really well and I beat my personal goals.

I learned a very important lesson at this race...Do not wear cotton when running in public! I was a little embarrassed when I saw the pics...I knew I'd sweat more than usual, but I hadn't realized it was *that* bad. Whoops!!

After the race we basked in the morning sun on the rooftop of Starbucks and enjoyed some treats. Then we strolled along the lake quite a ways before I started looking for my phone and couldn't find it. Pete called it about 4 times and I held the diaper bag up to my ear and I didn't hear a sound. I searched and searched through the bag and couldn't find it. I was sure I'd left it at Starbucks. Pete called and asked them to go look for it up top where we'd been sitting. We got to Starbucks and they reported that they didn't find the phone. We went up to check it out ourselves and asked a few people if they'd seen it. We didn't find it there. So I searched through the diaper bag one more time and like magic, my phone appeared. When we got home I decided to work in the dirt a bit. I got my banana tree planted and filled in the area with a few new plants and some black beauty bark - I had no idea they made black - but seeing that it said 'natural' and it was a little less than the other stuff, we got it - and I really like it. Then we cleaned up and headed out to a BBQ. I was ready for bed early by the time we got home (and we got home quite early)!
Today we were up early (7am due to Hailey waking up). We went to the 9am service at church - that was really early for us.
Our church is in the middle of building a new sanctuary (we currently use a large multi purpose room which serves as a gym during the week for the school). The service ended a little early so everyone could go check out the new building and write names and scriptures on the walls. It was pretty awesome to see so many people writing on the walls.

After church we went to get some donuts at Chucks....only to find out they are closed on Sundays! I even passed up donuts at church because I'd been so excited to get a chucks donut!!!!! We went to QFC instead. I was really on a donut kick this morning.
We had a fairly relaxing day after church. I fell asleep on the lounger on the deck and Pete and Hailey cuddled up and napped on the couch inside. Hailey and I continued our lazy day while Pete went to work on installing a cat door. :) We're hoping the litter box will be a thing of the past soon. Pete also mowed the lawn and changed some outlets - it was quite the productive day for him! I did some trip planning (still not done) and finally got some laundry done (quite a feat!!).

Oh, I almost forgot - today I put Hailey's hair in a ponytail and it was SO cute. I just love that girl!!!