What's Next?

What was up with the weather today? It was a bit gloomy - something I'm not used to at this time of year. Pete and I slept in until 11:30 this morning (I got up to feed Hailey at 7:45 and then Pete got up and played with her for an hour or so while I went back to sleep and he and Hailey eventually came back to bed and fell asleep cuddling). The cats stayed in the same place all night and all day...sleeping. Hailey slept an unusually long nap this morning. Is it the weather making us all so lazy???

I have had a TON on my mind lately and have failed at posting any of it. So here is my first attempt....

I've been back at work on a 30hr/week schedule for a whole month now (though I am putting in close to 40 hours every week). My mother in law comes all the way from Auburn to watch Hailey on Monday and Wednesdays and I drop Hailey off at my mom's on Thursdays. I work from home on Tuesdays and as needed on Fridays. I like the schedule. It gives me just enough time in the week to slip on the old thinking cap and get all those wires connected and really working. I'm still exclusively breastfeeding - meaning I'm pumping at work 2-3 times a day. I've gotten the task down to a good 15-20 minutes. It's certainly not the most glamorous thing I've done...and the number of bags I carry to and from the office is a bit absurd. I was supposed to be back full time at the start of August. I'm not so fond of the idea and don't have full time child care lined up (I haven't tried too hard or at all...). My boss gave me until the end of August to get it figured out. The end of August is when my mom's commitment ends and also when my mother in law's jury duty begins. I'm not ready to quit work and I'm not ready to leave the house 5 days a week to continue my employment. With the whole going back to work feat I've been very 'eh, we'll figure something out' and then at the last minute we get the details figured out (i.e. who's watching Hailey wasn't finalized until several days before I was due back). I'm VERY lucky to have a very understanding boss and a pretty awesome team. If I didn't like either of them, I'm sure I would have quit, but the honest truth is that I'm enjoying getting up in the morning and leaving for work. Hailey seems to have a great time with her grandma's too...which is what makes me even more comfortable with what we have going. Too bad it's due to end at the end of the month. The big question now is this: What's next?

As some of you may know, Pete was in a head on collision 2 weekends ago. It sounds pretty bad doesn't it? Well, thankfully he walked away without much damage on his body. He had said he had a green light, but when the guy that hit him also claimed the same he questioned whether he really did have a green light or was negligent. Great news came in this week - the other driver ran a red light. WHEW! Huge relief for both Pete's ego and our pocket book. We have been surviving okay with just one car, but it does take a bit more coordinating. I think we're going to get a rental car tomorrow. We hadn't wanted to get a rental until we knew who's fault it really was and who's insurance was liable. We didn't have collision coverage on the truck since the value wasn't very high and if it had indeed been Pete's fault it would have been an unexpected expense. The insurance company determined that the truck is a total loss, so now we're waiting for an offer to come through. We hope it's a good one considering the truck had pretty low miles for a 1997 and was the top of the line dakota with 4wd and all. The big question here is: What's next?

In other news, I started training for a 5k. I am doing the couch to 5k program and just completed day 1 of week 6 tonight. I am NOT a runner. In fact I've always been one of those "I hate running" people. I have been pretty down about the baby weight as I haven't really lost any weight since right after Hailey was born and I'm not a fan of this new shape. I had decided not to buy any clothes for my current size, but I've lasted in this size for a bit longer than I had anticipated. My friend Kirsten told me that she ran a half marathon and I was SO impressed. First, she's not a runner, and second, a half marathon is LONG! I was inspired. She told me she had found a training program online and trained for the marathon for 3 months. Being that I wanted to drop a few sizes and get back in shape I decided that I better start working out and setting a goal like this was just what I needed to get off my rear. I'm not the kind of person who can just go to a gym and keep a commitment though. Most of my friends probably know I'm a bit pathetic in the commitment department. I have a commitment to friendships, but I'm not always quick to commit to marking anything on the calendar to keep the friendships alive and going. I'm just a bit recluse that way. Oh ya, back to the topic at hand - working out... The only other real success I've had with working out was when I had my friend Lara, who's also a personal trainer, train me for a month and a half or so. I committed to it until we bought our new house and at that point I decided that it was money we should save rather than spend on my well being (excuses excuses!). I actually showed up 2 times a week when Lara was training me and she worked me out HARD! Then I got pregnant. Pregnancy was an excuse not to do much of anything, so I ate horribly the first trimester and proceeded to do what you do when you are pregnant and gained weight (the last trimester couldn't have helped...I ate ice cream EVERY night!). Here I am, 5 months after Hailey was born and still carrying that extra weight. So to make this really happen, I signed up for a 5k. Now I HAVE to train. My goal is to run the whole thing. My latest accomplishment was running 20 consecutive minutes on Monday. That sounds so easy, but for the non-runner it was a feat I was very proud of. After the big race on September 12th the big question is: What's next?

Obviously the theme of this post is all about what comes next. There's a lot of uncertainty in our future which is really quite fitting considering the commitment issues I just wrote about.

I have quite a bit more on my mind that I'd like to share... Including (but not limited to) my frustrations with my new and not so improved post pregnancy brain. It seems to have lost quite a few cells through child birth and this has been weighing heavy on my mind lately. But alas, you are spared for now as it's about that time when I should be heading to bed and giving this poor brain a recharge.

Au Revoire