When I was a girl...

I wore neon spandex and had my hair permed

my mom and grandma made me dresses and I always complained that they itched to try to get out of wearing them

I was scared to talk to boys...especially the Gough boys because my mom secretly wanted me to marry one someday

I had a huge collection of model horses

I had horses and my friends wanted to ride them for fun. I didn't ever want to ride them with my friends. I didn't think it was fun because I rode almost every day practicing for horse shows.

I always wanted to play with my brothers and their friends. I would hang around them when they were riding bikes on their ramp and was always the annoying little sister. They would tell me to go away, but I stuck around

my brother Kyle and I fought ALL the time

my brother Jason would tackle me and then tickle me until I cried

I had a 'boyfriend' when I was 13. We sat next to each other at church and never talked in person. We talked on the phone sometimes until a *friend* 3 way called me and didn't tell me he was on the phone...she asked me if I still liked him and I told her he was kind of boring because he played video games all the time. That was the end of that

I thought I'd be married at 21 and have a kid at 23 - just like my mom

I wished that Kim was my sister

I was in cooking and sewing 4-H and later horse 4-H

I was in awana, kwam and then youth choir at church but was always insecure about my voice

my cats were named Kramer and Newman after my dad's favorite Seinfeld characters... He named them.

My favorite song when I was 13 was Brian Adams - Everything I Do. I recorded it on tape from the radio and listened to it over and over