Writings by Pete

Pete and I cleaned the garage yesterday and stumbled upon some of Pete's old writings (poems and songs). We had a real good laugh when we came upon a piece of paper which held the words below. I'm not sure if they are in the right order, the verses were scattered too and fro on the page. I asked Pete if I could share it here on my blog and he thought it was a fun idea....so here you go - enjoy!

Beautiful Submission

You were so beautiful
In your perfect, white apron
And I thought to myself,
"That's where she belongs."

Cook me sweet nothings

Bake a party for one
But whatever you do
Make sure I'm above you.

Submit, submit
I wear the pants
Submit, submit
You work, I'll dance.

Hard days at work
This, I expect from you
To scrub all the crap
And dirt off my shoe
Thanks, dear. Hut to!

Girl, you couldn't live without me
And you're doin' the best you can
The floors, they sparkle
Cause of your petite, calloused hands.

When I talk, you'll listen
What I say you want to hear
Now please sweet servant
Fetch me a beer.

Aren't you glad you found me
Darling, what would you have done?
Now, please, not a girl.
This time, make me a son.

((Pete was joking around when he wrote these.))